Rumor; KCD2 set in 1506?

Look in the upperright corner at the whiteboard to see it.
So… no more Henry? A new protagonist?
What do you think of this? A prank?


I dunno I felt it was quite clear that Henry had unfinished business. The Epilogue really set up another game with Henry as the protag???

If KCD2 does not explain what happens to this fuggin sword, I swear, I will fly to prague and burn down Warhorse Studios!!! #justkidding #umwait #actualnotkidding


maybe the explanation comes in KCD1.5 :upside_down_face:

Hopefully you are correct Shadowfox. Personally I don’t see Henry’s story carrying another game.

I think this guy is right.

Maybe KCD:2 is not a sequel but a new story with new characters and new protagonist and the sequel (if there is one) to KCD may come in the form of a huge DLC.
Warhorse is really into medieval stories and myths, thats what they like and want to do. (I guess)
I wouldnt mind a new setting/story in an another era.

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Can’t watch it right now, what’s the Too long didn’t watch

Explanation from WH; I’m almost convinced by this story

Thanks. That seems like a plausible explanation given KCD epilogue. Still the image builder a good bit of hype and got peeps talking about the game which is always a good thing.


i’ll buy it (YouTrack explanation).

if i were cynical, i’d start from perspective of the stuff on display. was there a noticeable difference in Bohemian stuff c 1400 vs c 1500? if so, do our resident medieval fashionistas think the stuff on display more resembles 1400 or 1500 stuff

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Well this rumor was fun while it lasted.
I guess i was really intriged by the fact that this could be a new chapter of Bohemian history.
Maybe Henry, in the end, still hasnt got his sword back and his descendants have to finish the job about a 100 years later. Thats my take on how things could have gone if there was a “1506” sequel.
For now im curious for BoB.

Just glad to know prelim/background work has started

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KCD 2 is supposed to be Act III.
KCD 1 is Acts I & II.
End of story.

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Yep! I agree, end of story.

I remember seeing a video where the developers explained that the story so far is only 2/3rd of the story. It’s a 3 act story and we’ve only played acts 1 and 2

If it’s set in 1506 why are they using armor and helmets that are a century out of date? Rather than what’s actually used in the 16th century which would be 1506

The armor in the picture has no correlation with the whiteboard in the background