Run! Chase doesn't start. Reason for that is overburdened Henry?

Run! Chase doesn’t start for me. Seems like whenever I’m overburdened the map refuses to load.
Is this due fact that you can’t mount a horse when you are overburdened? My preciouss Cuman stuff :money_mouth_face:

Ok, troubleshooted it myself:

  • First I thought it was one of the mods I used, especially the polearm mod. No luck.
  • When Henry said: “The Baker’s Mare” (for the 20th time for me today), I remembered that I tried butchering all the horses, except Olena in the ‘Run!’ (Because I got annoyed that I couldn’t remove the bridles and saddles for Olena from the horses in a normal sane manner).
  • I further remembered that one of the horses refused to die, but it ran to other end of the map. (I used the horse as an undying target practice now that the retired true hero of Skalitz(Kunesh) seems to die/run away etc)… didn’t help, didn’t count as combat target)
  • Brought that horse near the Talmberg end of the map and voila! It works again!

If you can do that again you can go anywhere in the map without time passing as long as you don’t go near Talmberg and don’t get arrested.

Did you just walk overburdened down the road?

There’s still multiple places to skip the Run! quest, but the issue isn’t that it doesn’t start, the issue is that the game locks up. If you try to go to Talmberg without a horse, you get the Baker’s mare, named Horse. I found that crashed a lot. Quit the game, ALT+F4, and restart. It made it crash less in my experience. The soft lock happens without being overloaded too.

Yes, I went in overburdened and not on a horse (since I wanted to haul EVERYTHING, every single herb and Cuman loot I could find).
I got to next map by moving the horse nearer to map change border and removing a Cuman shield from wielded items. Overburdened didn’t matter. Horse was slow, though, because I tried beating it to death in the previous map to loot it’s bridle and saddle. So I had to do quite a few (50 or so) reloads to successfully kill all the Cumans chasing me in the next map and not get knocked down from the saddle.