Run! Quest Failure (Fixed)

I just beat the game and am restarting it now. I got through the prologue no problems anywhere at all. But then I came across a bug.
As soon as the cutscene ends where Skalitz is attacked and you are outside of the town normally you should get the Run! quest. Now I get the quest but as soon as I’m able to start moving and running away, the quest says it failed.

I am playing with some mods, but nothing that would effect quests, at least as far as I know.

My mod list:

Bushes Only Collision Remover
Instant Herb Picking
No Arrow Trails
Richer Merchants 10k
Stay Clean Longer Get Dirty Gradually
Unlimited Saving NS

I verified the cache (I play on Steam) and still got the issue, I don’t really wanna speedrun through the prologue, reinstall my game, or remove any mods. I’m hoping someone can help.

That should be your first step, remove all mods, and see if you’re still getting the problem. An out of date mod, or a mod conflicting with another mod, is likely the problem.

Assuming removing all the mods does fix the problem, add them back one at a time, until you reproduce the issue.


I’ll try it out, hopefully that’s all it’ll be and nothing worse.

Ah yes that worked! There was a older version of perkaholic I had installed at the same time mucking it all up, thank you!