Running behind kumans or bandits


Hello, i played some hours now and have a problem with running kumans or bandits.
If they run i can chase them, im running behind then push “put”?(In german its called “stellen”).
So henry hit the enemy once, the enemy is struggling and then runs away again. Sometimes i can continue with a normal hit but it seems without an effect. They keep running. After 10 times chasing and hitting the enemy, he still runs…
Is this how it goes? Do i have to chase and hit him 500 times till he is dead?


I think that’s a bug. Do you use a mace? I find that with a sword, a tackle [F] results in a real hit, with sound and all.


I don’t know better than that is normal. Is almost impossible to get a enemy that is running away from you. Only way to catch him is shooting a arrow in the back or mount your horse and slash him from your horse.


It’s normal. Not 500x. This only slows him down and try to grab him or hit otherwise. This back tackle is not supposed to kill them.


To all of you. As I said, try a longsword and you will probably do damage.


Yeah, this seems pretty normal. Especially if the enemy has heavy armor. I usually chase after them with my horse and slay them with my sword, which it usually takes a couple hits till they go down. As MiddleAgedHenry said, using a longsword is best for taking out enemies on horseback, and I would also suggest to use the stab instead of a swing. I found it more proficient in killing the enemy faster.


It’s normal, it happened to me when Henry was slow at the beginning of the game, and has no stamina. On higher level is easier, you have more strength, speed and stamina, and a horse. :rofl:


They usually fight back unless it is a one on one encounter. Sometimes you have just give up a fight and go about your business.


Im lvl 6 or 7, i use a longsword and i use almost stab. But if i hit the enemy ten times from running behind, there is no effect. I tried to have enough stamina to hit him twice or a third time, but hes alwas running after the “put” hit, equal if i hit him a second one…
I tried in a 10th run to get him wit the bow. Second hit and he was down. Thats not realistic! If i hit a running enemy with a longsword in his back and second a stab in his face, he wouldnt run again…
So maybe a bug.


So it seems i have to accept this “bug”.
Thank you all for you responses, they helped me a bit.


True, even halberd stab is more effective.

Mod, it’s not bug.


Hmm, i havnt seen any halberds to buy or loot since now (lvl 11).
When or where can i get one?
I fixed my problem with following with horse and shooting arrows…


“till” now…


At the beginning of quest Run! is a spear and halberd is in Pribyslavitz. I am sure I also saw some more polearms in late game battles. Cumans possess those weapons.