Runt boss fight is extremely unbalanced

I actually like kingdom come deliverance but this stupid fucking boss fight is giving me something about a thousand times over a headache. In the mission, I go through all the objectives, including killing the archers. This is because if I didn’t, which i tried after I kept dying to Runt by reloading an earlier save, it’ll make me lose due to loss of men. Because of this, I need to go and fight with them, which grants me a nice loss of health, even if I’m cheesing it and running away.

Anyways, when getting to the boss fight, I have no marigold dections at all, just some drinking water, bandages, and 3 apples. I did not know to bring any because I thought the fight would be fairly easy with a literal mini-army behind me. Since I wasn’t prepared, I ended up losing about over half my total health, despite being completely covered with quality armor for what is considered to be early to mid-game.

Getting to the point, I come to the boss fight health half depleted and bleeding. Keep in mind that my stats are also lowered because of this. Here are the following problems i have with this fight:

  • No health indicator, so I don’t know where I am. This is because this “boss” most likely has more health than your average joe.
  • Spam clinching, which most player are most likely NOT prepared for.
  • Spam combo ( most likely heard this one before) isn’t much of a problem if you keep moving.
  • Literally any tactics from that point on in the game, including the feint attacks will rarely or will not work on him.

My problem is that I am constantly left in a broken down state and am pushed in the boss fight in extremely unfair circumstances. I do NOT want to cheese this fight, but this entire thing is really prompting me to. I like this game, and currently have 35 or so in-game hours on it, and want to play it for much more. However, this game is really pushing my patience in terms of how many times my ass can get handed to me before I give up and just play something else.

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The little purple bar where horse stamina is when mounted is the health of the enemy you’re tethered to. Far too minimalistic I know. only took me 200 hours of playtime to notice.

Your options are
git gud
what is your overall character level. What is your gear and weapons. You can go back and poison pots and burn the arrows to make the fight easier or just bring all the men you can rendering the archers mostly moot.
cheese the shit out of the system
go into the fight high as balls on 5 potions with bane poisoned weapons. You also have a brief second before actually fighting runt to hit I and pop potions and poison before the bossfight. Also use a hammer, axe, or hunting sword (due to it’s thrust attack being to the face). I haven’t tried it but you could probably shoot him with unblockable arrows kiting and making his combat AI bug out trying to get to the right distance.

Runt isn’t anything that special stat wise and he doesn’t wear a helmet. Hit him in the face until he dies.


you didn’t play enough, if you had played a bit more before starting the battle, you could easily one hit kill him.

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Exactly. I hit Runt around three to 5 times in this little 1v1 and beat him very easily. I did train quite a bit, however.

You can ease your fight with the archers by setting the haystack on fire

If you are at a low level, the key is to be patient and use the perfect block. Don’t rush into attacking him, move around and wait to deplete his patience and provoke him to attack. Watch his sword (you learned your perfect block with Bernard, right?) and press block as soon as he starts his backswing.

Guess you rushed true the storyline…

The last time I played the game from the start I killed him with one masterstrike.

And if you don’t know what a masterstriek is… go back and do some side missions and then train it with Bernard…


The fight is extremely easy. You can just hit his face with a mace and he’s dead. He doesn’t have any extra health, or at at least it doesn’t look like it to me. I remember Dan’s article in LEVEL (Czech gaming magazine) where he wrote that he doesn’t like the design of bosses having increased HP and being a damage sponge.


Runt is easy, I run into Cumans with poleaxes that cause more problems than him. Just level up to at least 12 strength. I even wore no armor outside of a combat jargon and gambeson.

I solved the problem. It just took me repeatedly reloading an earlier save so that at the end i wouldn’t lose that much health.

I don’t use a mace.

I got masterstrikes after the bossfight.

Totally with you there. Having the same problem - didn’t get my horse along with me, so no potions or other weapons. Depleted health (tired) before boss fight begins. Had my ass handed to me a thousand times. SO BORED OF THIS NOW. Go back and replay several hours of game or carry on hitting this dead end?
I like this game and want to carry on with the story, but it is A GAME and played for entertainment. This is Groundhog Day, either way; it’s just no fun right now. Like you, I may well give up and re-play something more enjoyable.
All the comments about ‘well deserving’ derision because you just followed where the plot led you ‘too early’, and ‘hey, use a weapon/potions you don’t have’ or ‘I just hit him once and he died’ are incredibly encouraging and helpful and really inspire me to carry on. Awesome ‘community’ spirit on display.
Good luck - if you decide it’s worth the wasted hours of your life. I’m really not sure it is. Shame; great character, beautiful artwork, rich world, but ultimately, taking the realism too far has totally spoilt the ability to enjoy it.

On normal mode you can literally just bring everyone, fail every checkpoint, don’t engage a single enemy, and go into the runt bossfight with full health. Some of these problems are “instructions unclear, dick stuck in toaster” tier. If you couldn’t solo run the bandit fort beforehand, don’t try it during the battle. It’s unironically that simple.


Short sword and shield. Learn to stab, forget combos.

Seriously, you can kill Runt in 5 strike with Stinger (only sword I ever used after I found it). First play (only) play thru on normal difficulty I killed him first time and he never even hit my shield.

Get the Clench Master Perk and jump in close (you will figure out correct distance), and lock swords and pommel him back then sting him once then back off.

Because he is using a longsword this won’t always be an option, but practice stepping in and timing a stab when Runt winds up for a swing. You’ll interrupt his attack and have good chance of causing a bleeding wound.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to ‘git gud’, combos are waste of time. Just learn to use shortsword and shield effectively and the only combos you’ll get are master strikes after a master block or by pure accident.

The OP is talking about the second fight with Runt.