Runt Boss Fight

I’m sure this is a complaint heard over and over again by the community but the Runt fight seems impossible. When trying to fight him the fights last upwards of 10 minutes, 10 minutes of me endlessly getting in hits and being blocked in ways thought unimaginable by the butte of a man, who seems very agile, it doesn’t seem to have an end.

I get the advise hit him in the head since he has no helmet, but this too seems to absorb damage as instead of the two-hit kill to the heat i’ve often been advised to go for, he just absorbs the hits and kills me with the combo I’m sure most people who have fought him are all too familiar with.

I don’t want to cheese the fight by just using a bow but that seems to be the only option?

I believe I just managed to get to the stage where the cutscene initiates for defeating him, instead, the game crashed. This happened once before.

Just level up, train with bernard and use poison and drink potions. Eazzy pezzy.


I did it :slight_smile:


be sure to be not encumbered. encumberance reduces your combat speed. the slower you are, the easier your target can avoid your attacks.
simply right click to use thrusting attack

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One way to defeat him is to have a really good set of arrows and shoot him in the face a few times or body which takes a bit longer OR you can try to aim for a HeadCrack, like I did, and be able to steal his sword and armor. After the HeadCrack just kill him when your done looting him.