Saintly remains bowl & the block that fell

This is a damn shame that the bowl and the falling block can’t be returned. For the bowl, it’s an endless loading loop when trying to get by the guard.
This is the GOG version, btw, which is latest. What options do I have?

Edit: I decided to use the console cheats to delete the bowl and the fallen block since there’s no other way to get rid of them.
Also, I’ve figured out how to (after saving near Urban) get rid of Urban himself because he’ll automatically chase you after saving nearby (he’ll chase endlessly and will warp / disappear at times). Basically, get him out of the way to the back of the monastery and then circle him until he gives up and starts walking back (circling around him to get out of his line of sight can take a bit of time). Then you must kill him. To avoid his dialogue, either silently stab him if you have the ability or knock him out & then kill him or attack him directly as he walks away). Note that knocking him out may cause him to catch you and fight you, and he’s quite tough to beat.

Still, an annoying bug. At least there’s a way past it so that screen loading isn’t stuck if he doesn’t exist to talk to.