Saintly Remains Bug.. still after patch 1.6


Dear Kingdome come players / Support staff,

I am busy with my first Kingdome Come play through and alas already encountered some bugs (posted them on this forum) I am playing this wonderfull game on PC

Today I arrived at the Monastery and started the Saintly Remains quest.
I did not know beforehand that this quest was bugged.
I started the quest, did it till the part where I need to return the bowl to its original location and there I cannot return the bowl on the ground. I get the “Use” option and when I do this nothing happens.

After this I began to check out this forum and other places and of course I found out this quest is bugged.

Right now I am playing version 1.6 of the game and the bug still remains.

I want to ask if there is some way around this bug? Like a console command which one can use to drop a certain item? or a console code to flag this quest as finished? or some other way to finish this quest?

Awaiting your response,



should say console type or pc.
If you mean the one with the bowl and the guard Urban I did not have a problem with it on PC. in 1.6.
If you mean with the charlatan I haven’t done that yet.
did you submit a ticket?


Dear Longshot,

I edited my post. I am playing it on a PC on version number 1.6
I indeed mean the one with the bowl and the guard named Urban.
I found the bowl in a part of the construction site of the Monastery. I talked to Urban,
and then the quest started. I showed Urban the plate, he wanted to be sure htat it was a real relic.
I said yes, Urban checked it out, then said awesome! and then asked me to put it back.
When I go to the place where I found it near a cross it says “use” near there. When I do this
nothing happens, the Bowl does not appear on the ground.

I have not yet submit a ticket but I will do this right away.




i reported the bug as you will have seen. but i got bored waiting and just killed the guy who was bothering me who attacks you if he magically sees it in your inventory. so i just told the devs to ignore it and don’t bother fixing.


I forgot once to return it and also had to kill him. But he is an UNDEAD GUARD!
comes back way later in the game.


STILL (!!!) a bug in v.1.8.1-247G. STILL!!! Come on guys; fix this! I took the bowl, showed it to Urban, committed to return it. When I go back later, I do not even get the “Use” prompt. I did a restore from right after showing him the blow, went to return it, got the “Use” prompt, hit “E”, and nothing happened. This quest should not complete until the bowl is returned, but it shows as complete in my quest list (when it is not, and I still have the bowl.) And the return using “E” should work at any time! Please fix this minor but known, annoying bug. Thank you! (And in spite of the rant, yes, it is a great game and I’m thoroughly enjoying it - and so annoyed with leaving this wart on its face. Thanks, again.)