Save Files Overview

Any way to extract the Title / Location / Time information (as displayed by loading a game state) directly from the WHS save files ? It’s too tedious to scroll thru all the saves in the load dialogue to search for a specific state … I know, I should have kept an own text file along with each save, but … :sleepy:

simply sort by date?

Thx, but I meant Time information of gameplay (e.g. 123.4 hours), not Windows file creation/modification date. Assume there are 3 save files: autosave001.whs representing 2 hours into gameplay at location Sassau, autosave002.whs representing 10 hours into gameplay at location Merhojed, autosave003.whs representing 24 hours into gameplay at location Monestary. If I want to rerun starting at 10 hours into gameplay due to some bad decisions I took at 14 hours into gameplay, I would need to load autosave0002.whs. From the “load” dialogue I can see that I need to choose autosave002.whs, start play, and eventually save again after e.g. another 5 hours into gameplay for a total of 15 hours into gamepplay. Now, this save would create an autosave004.whs with time 15 hours of game. Thus, as autosave002.whs has a time stamp of 10 hours, autosave003.whs a time stamp of 24 hours, and autosave004.whs a time stamp of 15 hours. This means that one cannot see, neither from the file creation/modification date nor from the autosave numbering which sequence of gameplay a save file represents unless one starts the load dialogue and checks each entry for the time stamp of gameplay. if one has a lot of save files this checking is tedious, and one cannot print or save this game time info / location / Title info. I assume there might be a way to extract these info from the whs files. I know I could have created my own textual description for each autosavexxx.whs file, but unfortunately I recognized the importance of this sidekick documentation too late.