Saved games deleted

So I downloaded this game from epic when it went out for free. I’d never even heard of it before, but I really have sunk my teeth into it. I was 69 hours in, I’d figured out the combat, was doing great at robbing people blind, had my herbalism and alchemy up pretty high, and I tried to log in a few nights ago and the continue button was grayed out and my only option was to start a new game. I had read online this was a problem and people talked about starting a new game and moving files from your old save over to the new saved file folder and continuing on, but the only problem was I only had one saved file folder and it only contained 2 saved files, both of which were from the new game. I checked my computer as thoroughly as I could, but could not find any other saved games files. So basically I lost almost 70 hours of game play and had to start all over. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game hoping that may fix the problem, but still the only saved games were the same 2. This to me is a catastrophic bug. I’m starting the game over, because I really do like the game, but I don’t want to get 50-100 hours in to have my saved game just disappear again. The purpose of this post is to one inform the makers that this bug is apparently still active, at least on pc, and 2 to see if there is a work around or anything I can do to prevent this from happening again. I definitely won’t play through a 3rd time. I’m playing on a MSI GS70 Stealth laptop with windows 10. Thanks for any help.

That has been happening to me on my XBox One. And well I was about to uninstall and the reinstall but sounds like that might not work. Let’s hope they fix this

I don’t know how you’d deal with it on xbox, but I’m currently going to my saved game folder and making a copy and keeping it on my desktop, just in case, every time I spend any significant amount of time on the game. This has apparently been happening since release and if they haven’t fixed it yet they apparently don’t know why it’s happening or don’t care. Hopefully my solution works for me as a PC user. Maybe someone else has a workaround for xbox/playstation folks. Good luck…

Well I noticed it once they put it on dang it that one site for free not long ago. I have never had this problem till now. I have been playing it since the release date. And yes it was super buggy then, but they fixed so many things. I am flabbergasted that now this is happening.

epic is the site where I got the game. All I could find about people missing saved games though were in pretty old posts. They weren’t much help for me either. Do the devs ever look at or respond to these forums? Or are they even planning any new content for this game anymore? I’m totally new to it so I don’t much about it besides it’s been my favorite game I’ve played in awhile.

They do respond to these. And as far as new content they said that they are done with the new content for the game. I hope they make a new update to fix the save problem though. If you did get the dlc’s it makes the game much longer and a few fun new things. But really the game its self is a lot bigger then you think. And the moders out there are in the works with a massive mod. Trust me keep at it and if you need any tips or anything let me know. And DEVS fix the save issue.

Thanks for the update bud. I do plan on buying all of the DLCs once I get to the end of the main story. Catching back up has been so much faster because I already knew the combat system and a few ins and outs. The game really is fun. Wish I had known about it a little sooner. Hopefully my making a copy of the save game file each time I log off will prevent the save game issue again but yeah it’d be nice if they’d fix it hehe.