Saved story is gone in the royal edition (PS4)


I’ve got an problem with KDC Royal edition,(On PS4)
Ive bought the standard game when it was launched, but never bought the DLC’s. Had many hours of play time it.
Now there’s a sale on KDC Royal edtion, so I bought it. Because of all the DLC’s are in it.

The problem is, I cant load my story from the Original KDC, Is there a way to fix this?
I cant play the DLC’s on the original KDC neither, it says its not purchased. And in the KDC royal edition it does say its purchased.

I cant refund the game on playstation store anymore, because its already downloaded.

Is there any way to fix this? I’ve already tried to import a saved file from the old kdc, to the royal edition, but this doesnt work.

I hope you guys can help me to figure this one out,
Christiaan Bolhuis

I’m afraid, I think there is no solution for this…

Hello, I’ve never heard of such an issue, I hope you’ll find a solution for it

Any luck with this? I hear it happens because the two games have different CUIDs and i have a ticket open about it. I imagine one could just fix it with a hex editor.

Nope, no fix has been founded. Just another reason to play the whole storyline all over again.