Savegame location and Steam Cloud

I’m having a bad time with the savegames. As many people tells about it in internet, after a game crash I lost all my saved games. Luckily, I have only about five or six hours of game play, so not big deal.
It was strange that Steam Cloud doesn’t store my savegames and before starting and saving a new game, I noticed that the steam cloud sync never showed up and in the configuration said 0 bytes stored of 7,82GB. After a google investigation, in all forums, the people said that the savegame location was: C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves
Of corse, that location (and even the upper level) doesn’t exist in my computer.

In my computer, I have Windows10 and Steam installed in my SSD (C:) but all my user folders (Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Desktop etc) are relocated in my D drive (not the C:\Users\Username folder). I have found my savegames in this location: D:\Documents\kingdomcome\saves

I’m pretty sure that was the reason that my Steam Cloud does not sync my savegames, because I tried to backup the game saves with “GameSave Manager”, but that program wasn’t able to locate the saves location. Anyone knows a way to fix that, change the locations from D to C or manually say Steam Cloud the saves location to sync?

Not sure about the Steam version but for the GOG version saves are @:

C:\Users\YourUserName\Saved Games\kingdomcome

I have never saw KCD saves in my Documents folder.