Savegame Windows Reset


Hello Comunity

I Recently set up my Windows new and i forgot about the Kingdom Come Delivereance Savegame.
Sadly its gone and i rly dont wana start new… anyone can upload a savegame for me?

I was right at the beginning of this Quest: Keeping the Peace | Main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Thx <3


@chali2na: I can gift you my saves but I’m alot further in than you, right now I’m doing the quest where you go into monastery as a monk to find Pious.

Pickpocket: 20, max

Lockpicking: forgot but it’s around 15, I can do very hard locks with ease

Other skills: lvl varies

Horse: Forgot name, think he’s lvl5, might be Al Buraq, I got him for the carry weight. Decked out with horse garments (whatever it’s called, it’s not armor) with 4 saddlebags, knight spurs

Groshen/gold: Around 115000, but most vendors I do business with have 5k+ because I’m a frequent customer

I also have boatloads of stolen stuff, Be sure to store what you cant carry or you’ll be impossibly overburdened

My rep sucks in most towns due to my tendency to kill/steal frequently. Probably am wanted in multiple areas.