Saves Getting Deleted And Also Not Working

So I slept in the Sasau Wagoners’ Inn and the game saved. I then robbed a bunch of people and Rattay and went to Ledetchko and saved. I then went to Uzhitz and saved. I then had to leave. When I got back on and loaded my save my latest save, which should have been Uzhits, I was back at the Wagoners’ Inn. I then made up for the loss by going on a crime spree in Sasau, then I saved at the Wagoners’ Inn. I had to leave again. When I loaded back, I was at the Wagoners’ Inn but before the crime spree in Sasau. I was pretty ticked off at three saves failing. Another issue I have is with Saviour Schnapps and exit saves. Whenever I use a sleep save, it usually works, unlike the previous issue I mentioned. Whenever I use an autosave, it works, though recently my autosave have been disappearing as well. I have stopped using Schnapps as whenever I try to load a save made with the beverage, it says: “Game Load Failed”. Whenever I try to load an exit save, the same thing happens. The game is a great game, but I can’t save any of my progress in this great game, so that’s kind of a problem.

What platform are you on? Consoles seem to have some sort of save limit, try deleting older saves see if that works.
I’ve never had this issue on PC, saves always overwrite previous ones.

I’m on Xbox One. I shouldn’t have a problem with save limits as this was in a new game that I started.

Did you start the new game in different playline? Or did you deleted the original playline?

No, I still had the previous playline. It was a brand new playline.