Scorched map - how find treasure? Plz Help (:



I find in the game Schorched map and I can not find the treasure, the map does not match the actual game map.
Schored map i find doing quest in dlc the amorous adventures of bold, in bandit camp.

Why i cant fing information abou scorched map? neither on google nor on youtube.
Where is treasure?


I got this map and was looking for it too, and couldn’t find treasure. There seems to be just trees uphill somewhere near the edge of the world. Look at this treasure map as if it the bottom was west.
The map here does not show chest marker but can help you for future:
This is my idea where it might be:


Isn’t that just a raubritters camp map from capon dlc?


some kind of sadistic bastard got to draw the maps , sometimes it’s OK
the rest of the time , this despicable person must have been drunk