Season Pass?

There will ever be some kind of a “Season Pass” including all DLCs in a bundle for a lower price?
I do not buy all the DLCs for each 10$ which means 50$ in total. I never support DLC politics, but I’m interested in a fair bundle.

The Season Pass must be planned together with the release of the base game so the Steam can adapt to it as Tobi explained this in one of the interviews. Don’t expect that but they consider to make GOTY edition or something. There are currently two bundles, one with DLCs, one with soundtracks and videos.

There is currently only one more DLC planned (A Woman’s Lot), so it makes no sense to have a Season Pass now. SPs work better when they are planned just after a game is released, and before any DLCs. That obviously isnt the case with KCD. However, after the last DLC is out, I would love to see a GOTY edition and all cumulative patches built in.

The name doesn’t matter. “Season Pass” or “GOTY” they can call it how they want. But hopefully there will be such a thing.

Season Pass is cash grab, game divided on purpose. It is planned beforehand.

The two current bundles also include the base game, so probably not much use if you already own it. I’d say we’re far more likely to see something like that when all DLCs are released, and been out long enough that it would make sense to bundle.

Games are entertainment, art, and yes, a business. They wouldn’t exist without the cash grab. The good news is, the cash you let them grab is 100% voluntary. It incentivizes them to make something you want to throw your money at.

@Aradiel: Games are designed to make money, but it’s not necessarily a cash grab always, at least some companies are decent about it. Electronic Arts/Ubisoft, for instance, they only care about money, dont give a shit about the player base or their opinions. WH seems to care, but that might change since they were recently bought out. A trend I’ve been seeing for years, is devs intentionally omitting content from the base game at release, so they can intentionally release it later as DLC and charge through the nose.

That is why I do not buy Season Pass, I am not that kind of volunteer and I agree it is focused more on the fans than regular gamer. Still, I do not like this form of selling the game to the audience. I am far more used to the old games where you got base game and maybe expansion after the game got successful.

@savvym: Yeah I remember those days. Back then was no such thing as DLC. A game company released a game, if it was successful then they might next release an expansion/addon. Too bad those days are long gone, partly due to the rise of broadband giving gamers the ability to download large games quickly. And also due to other stuff like Steam.

There are some games that got a Season Pass long after release. It’s just a name for a bundle that include all DLCs. And games are not always made for a business. There are developers who just wants to realize their vision that came deep from their heart. And there are games that are not designed to earn a big profit and which do not care about how much copies must be sold to earn the money back. It is wrong that money is always the first goal. Of course, everyone wants to get rich, but some people have other priorities when they see games as art instead as a business. If money would be always the first goal, then I recommend Warhorse to make a mainstream/action shooter like Call of Duty or a fun-game like Fortnite. With this you earn the most money.

Monitor Steam, they have offered a bundle sale from time to time.