Selling Option


So I can move stuff to and from my horse and guards can search me and my horse but I can’t sell stuff from my horse…doesn’t make any sense


Guards can’t search your horse can they? That’s why I carry all my stolen items on the horse and never have any bother.

It doesn’t make sense to sell direct from your horse, as you need to reach in to get the item to sell it.


No guards can’t search your horse they can only search you


– A bunch of nice swords, you say? Le’me see!
– Ah, yeah, they are in my saddle bag, on the horse…
– Then get it inside!
– You sure? Alright.
– Wait… What??? I meant bring the saddlebag indide, not the horse, you moron!



I’m pretty sure I got busted, as in I heard a guard say stop there or whatever, I moved all my stuff to the horse and still got busted…


It depends if you was seen, there’s also a bug where some stolen items don’t have a stolen flag on them. But they are in fact still stolen


Gotcha, apparently 1.4 added line of sight for guards. Nevermind

Is is line of sight of my horse or is it line of sight of me putting stuff in my horses inventory? Like, if I keep all stolen goods in my horse and ride around does it matter so long as no one saw my with said stuff on my person?


Yes lol i got screwed with that a few times