Seriously wtf how do you even fight in this game?


i can barely lift a sword and i have to fight hordes of armies.
how am i supposed to do anything in my shirt and 1 lesson in swordfighting against multiple armed soldiers and archers???
There is no way to survive… cant hide, cant fight, cant escape.
What a waste of money


You better hope you’re a troll because the only choices you have are 1.Troll or 2. Massive Idiot.

Are you telling me that you lack the brain capacity to figure out how to advance in a video game. If you just started out, why are you trying to take on hordes of enemies? Here’s a tip, don’t take on hordes of enemies yet, run if you have to. Also before you even go here, there is nothing in this game that forces you to fight a ton of enemies early that is not easily achievable per quests.

The worst part is I don’t even want to call you ‘bad at the game’ because it’s an RPG and they’re not particularly hard games. Go play some mobile phone games or COD or maybe after reading what you posted, you should go play with legos . This game isn’t for you ; really, I’m not sure if any video game is for that matter.


do “the prey” quest
go with Bernard to Neuhof
figure out which town Reeky is in by doing the stuff in Uzhitz
then go back to rattay and Bernard should be at his arena and you can train with him
get him to show you master strikes
then get the “ruin” quest off him by asking him for work
this will set you to killing off basic bandit camps with poorly equipped NPCs in them
this will give you an opportunity to get the feel for combat and master master strikes
then go back to Bernard and get him to show you combos
then watch a youtube video on where to find all the treasure which will give you the best armour in the game
this is basically the idiots guide to KCD combat, even Spongebob should be able to survive Bohemia with these baby steps


You can train with bernard before doing ‘‘keeping the peace’’ too. You need to be at least lvl 3 in your weapon of choice for him to accept to test you for the masterstrike training.


It would be interesting to know which quest is player onto right now. If on Run, then this topic is just pointless.


I spend the first few hours barely fighting anyone. I do quest that involve other things. If I happen to be fighting someone and I know Im going to die I call my horse and run in circles until I get a chance to hop on and am able to get away 98% of the time.

To say this game is a waste of money is complete BS. This is by far the best game I have played. Ever! And Ive played a lot of them. I thought Skyrim was amazing. And it was. But it has nothing on KCD. Period!

You need to practice. Also if you suck at fighting at the moment than try only taking on one enemy at a time until you get better. Work on blocking, dodging, and counter attacks. They are essentual skills that make life in this game much more easier.

Practice, Practice and Practice some more. That is the only way to get good with anything, especially real life.

And people hes not a troll. Hes just frustrated. Weve all been their with something game related or real life. No need to put him down or call him an idiot.

if the original commenter happens to read this feel free to message me and I can do my best to give you advice and help where I can. I too was pretty frustrated with combat at first. In time I got pretty good.


Yup not hard to run away during the Run Quest. Just dont let yourself completly stam out and your good. You dont even need to help save whats her face that is getting attacked if you dont want to. Though she may think poorly of you later for not helping. Not sure if she gives you any Tang if you dont, so I always save her.