Several issues I'd like to see patched/changed


I’m pretty sure this had been brought up in the past, but the bushes, those bushes that act like they are rocks to be specific. They come in all forms and sized and you either get stuck on them or you simply walk over or stand on top of them, which is quite frankly ridiculous. I get that certain big and thick bushes are better off to be impenetrable, but there are so many other smaller bushes where a collision box is just so stupid.
(Pine trees have absurd collision boxes as well where you get stuck on their thin needle twigs)

Auto-horse. I have no idea how this keeps happening, but the auto-horse is pretty annoying and I’d like an option for it to be able to be turned off. For anyone not knowing what I mean, every now and then you jump on your horse and try to ride to where you want to go, the game takes the control away from you and your horse auto steers along a random path on the roads, which won’t stop unless you let go of all input and wait for a few seconds. It happens frequently.

Hit detection. Many times when you start to swing at someone, your weapon just goes straight through your opponent without causing any damage, it’s like you swing into thin air. Mostly happens before you’re locked on.
But honestly, even within locked on combat I often feel like my weapon clearly connected with an opponent, but does no damage. In locked on combat it’s mostly caused by the opponent doing an immediate counter attack, which then nullifies your attack into nothingness, and no I’m not talking about master strikes.

No perfect block symbol for combat. Very often it happens that in combat I don’t get the green shield to indicate when to hit Q for perfect block. And again, not referring to mast strikes which you can’t block, it happens very frequently and is very annoying.

(After the latest patch I’ve started a new game to make sure to get rid of all bugs that are caused by old save files. So that can’t be the issue.)



My 5 cents.

Usually the perfect block doesn’t appear when the other person is performing a combo or when you already hit an evade/parry key too soon.

How do you activate your auto-horse? Do you use a controller? I have never seen my horse ride along any road.


Well, you can perfect block the first attacks of a combo, just not the very last one where it does the special attack animation for successfully finishing it. I have been gotten hit by the first strike of a combo and then proceeded to block the follow-up.
There probably are occasions where it is my fault that the symbol isn’t there, but other times it seems it should when it isn’t. I might have to try to record, which is difficult though because I’d also have to record my hands. And regarding hitting Q too soon, that can’t be the issue because that performs a master strike.

I have honestly no idea how the auto horse keeps happening. Usually when I jump on my horse I hit W and double shift to gallop. I’m suspecting that a too fast or too simultaneous combination of those keys triggers it, but I can’t be sure because it doesn’t occur on every occasion, only every now and then. And no, no controller.


Q master strike?

Q is only for parry AFAIK, but it is purposely not working when not timed… if it is early enough one can perform a “normal” old-school parry, and that’s it. Otherwise there are perfect blocks with the optional, very powerful, counterattack.

W +double shift starts to gallop, but then my horse goes straight ahead rather than along the road. Perhaps it’s because I press A/D once or twice, and that disables the behaviour? I read it was there, it just never worked for me.


I definitely agree with you about the bushes. It makes traveling a real bitch sometimes. Especially at night.


W +double shift will never follow a road, a single shift will. You have to start moving with W, depress SHIFT+W to start cantering and then release W, but keep SHIFT pressed. You horse will follow the path that it sees.


Ahhh, okay. Thank you.

That is why I never used it: I never ride the horse that slow.


And I like riding slowly, trotting or even walking to see the world around. It also makes me feel that there are actual distances between points.


On console .The button on controller for gallop. God this needs to be changed from circle to L1.


Already explained to (can’t move body, gallop and shoot with current set up; therefore horse archery not possible) and asked WH support. They said ‘no, not changing the config’ :confounded::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This I just don’t get. It makes practical sense to change it. Horseback fighting hell just going for a trott and looking around is made awkward because of having to use circle or its counterpart on Xbox.

It is forced clunky mess.


This should be possible…

… especially if WH intends to make tourney type DLC

Having 3 controls on one side makes the above impossible. Wish WH would reconsider @WH_janrucker


I don’t get any of those bugs and on Xbox.