Sharpening effect when drunk unbearable


So the decision to actually drink a savior schnaps is already hard enough, because I’m currently not able to brew them myself and they are expensive. But what is absolutely punishing is that when I do I’m stuck with this god-awful sharpening effect for hours of gameplay and no option to turn it off!

There was a mod for this, but it doesn’t work with v1.6 of the game. So now I have to decide whether to play a game that might frustrate me because I lose hours of gameplay not having saved before difficult encounters or a game that constantly presents itself with this oversharp image, hurting my eyes and also kinda ruining the great looks of the game.

Please, for the next patch, at least CONSIDER adding an option to turn this off.

PS: Also funny, screenshots I took during the last two hours of gameplay were kinda ruined, too. That is before I ran them through a blurring filter manually. That’s just rediculous…


Try to lower shader details if it stops to use that sharpening effect.

Also the Savior schnaps can be brewed with 0 or 1 alchemy. Just need belladona and nettles.


What sharpening effect? I have not noticed this at all. I hafta use mostly medium settings and and no color or sharpening effect enhancements on my PC
You using any add on enhancements?


Switch between the two screenshots to see the difference. And yes, as Offler mentioned, this might also be tied to the shader effects setting.

Makes it even worse, those who can play on high or very hight get an extra portion of punishment, nice. :frowning:


How many drinks do you take at a time?! what drinking perk did you use? I always take wine bibber and so don’t get effected 50% less. I also use the witcher perk too. but usually take one savior at a time. Because of the witcher per I can take 2 more without the effects you complain about.
Also before a mission start or what I feel is a hair brain scheme I’d try out.
Sounds like that problem is related to you and not the game.


I drank the savior schnaps, not wine. I don’t have any perks regarding to alcohol, yet. And yes, I’m probably the only one, that’s why there is that mod with 1358 unique downloads…:smiley:

BTW: The Sharpness effect went away after my player character stopped being tipsy. When I drink another one it starts again. So yeah…probably on my end. :wink:


Hair of the dog potion anyone?


If you’re just tipsy, the contrast will shoot up. I think this should be more of a hangover effect than a drunk effect. Drink a little more and it’ll start to get blurry. One time, I got so drunk, I locked myself in a maze of bushes that I couldn’t get out of until my vision got better.


My +1 / like on longshots comment was for all the steps given to alleviate the issue.

Typical to forums- people seem to overlook solutions that allow them to continue to whinge.

I dont see any reference to it being any particular persons PC…