Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, Cannot start Hare Hunt

I’m playing on PC and trying to progress Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing / activate Hare Hunt but I’m having a hard time of it.

I completed Masquerade, and got Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing from Andrew. I’ve done the hunting test and have been asked to get the horn of the master huntsman. I understand that I should be able to talk to huntsman Nicholas and he will give me the horn to help catch the gang of poachers. The innkeeper in Talmberg also turned me on to a quest regarding poachers from the master huntsman and he is marked as a quest giver on my map. This is how I would like to progress the quest.

However, I go to Nicholas and the only options I have with him are training and trade. I cannot speak with him about the poachers or the horn. I can pickpocket the horn off of him, and progress to meeting with Hare, but when the Talmberg guard show up they are immediately hostile to me and I get no choice to join them.