Should Threads Have an Experation Time?

Going thru the forum for new topics I keep running into what I call “zombie” threads. Threads that are 4-6 months old and refer to long past patches. fixed bugs/problems or just plain rants, or ones realting to the very first weeks of release.
Just asking if the forum has a “zombie” killer moderator and should really old threads be locked?

I suppose they could archive older threads if they wanted to.

At the release of the game we did a bigger lock up. Just for new members not to confuse with Alpha and Beta threads.
With all the patches it’s not so easy to know if it’s on time or not… :blush: And it’s a mass of work to do it.

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You could put threads on an auto archive that depended on how many days
it was that it started or last posted on.

Just testing…
This topic will automatically close in a month…:slightly_smiling_face:

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could thread some February to march be dealt with since they are about the very early release of the game and not a representation of the current setup ( for good or bad opinion wise)?

Gotta get in my point before the Coach turns into a pumpkin…

If you ever come across a thread you thik needs terminated feel free to tag or PM me.

I try and close a few expired threads every time I log on. there has been allot of growth since release, its like fighting a Hydra.


mebbe concentrate on early February threads or by year?if you can search by date at your end?
I’ve come across threads going back to 2015!

Im still sorting through some from 2014. I try to focus by category closing old bug threads is the main priority.

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