Show off your Videos/Screenshots (collective)

Not bad man. Pretty well put together actually, some nice transitions and the composition seemed pretty good.

Noice :smile:

Hi Everyone,

hope you`ll like this one

Beautiful countryside made by Warhorse Studios and beautiful song from Czech band Cechomor

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Great stuff… showing off the terrain very nicely indeed :heart_eyes:

ah Čechomor… brings back memories.

Hi, I like both your videos! You have touched a good atmosphere with both your music and the selected song by Čechomor. But of course I’m happy to hear you like the original soundtrack too!

Btw., this is a coincidence - I’ll be on tour with Čechomor, November&December this year. I’ll tell them that besides the stage, we share also one video, at least a bit! :smile:

All best & thanks!

Coincidence, sure…

Čechomor in KCD, confirmed! :smiley:

Well… perhaps I might ask the guys whether they are available :wink:

No no, just a joke. No rumours, please! :slight_smile:

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Thank You very much .)

Can`t wait the release date or at least next update, so there will be some different footage available to get.
Also would like to ask if someone knows if there is any way how to control camera to be able to get footage from different angles

A productive day

I waiting on KingdomCome:MaybeTwoOrDifferentName …

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Better chance in the afterlife!