Show off your Videos/Screenshots (collective)

Hey fellows,
I was just looking for some gameplay scenes to discover things I haven’t seen yet so as awesome screenshots/wallpaper.
There is already a beautiful gallery of 4k-screenshots out there but where is the topic for amazing videos of the community? Maybe it would be a nice thing to gather pictures and videos in one topic!

Here’s the 4K-Screenshot-topic:

And a tutorial on how to take proper screens with the console:

So let me be the first (obviously) to post some videos here :smile:
I did not recorded any commentary on purpose because I think it destroys the atmosphere.
Also I get really quick annoyed when everybody puts in his/her two cents when I’m trying to make my own impressions.
The first impression counts like all of you probably know…

Here’s 45 minutes(!) of gameplay in Full HD to honor the beauty of this game:


And here’s a way on how to get the bow easily and fast:

Now it’s your part, show off what you’ve got :sunny:


You can speed up the process by skipping the first conversation with the farmer and going straight to the Blacksmith then you can head to the farmer and get the quest.

I didn’t know at the time I recorded that video but thanks to point that out for the others :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A small album of screenshots.

I’ve recorded no music and no gameplay, it’s a video to only show the beauty of the game, nothing less, nothing more.


wonderful atmosphere!

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Hard training day…


In this little medieval commentary (german) you can see a lot of funny bugs!

Nice Idea :smiley:
Did you took screenshots or just recorded everything?

Is it a scripted turning? If yes, how did you do that?

No scripted turning, I did this with my gamepad and I have a steady hand. :wink:

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…and apparently a lot of patience :wink:

Sorry, I forgot to mention this! :wink:

Anyone else? Common show us the good stuff :slight_smile:

There are a few spots with crap quality its from using the t_scale console command messes up the lighting transitions. had I noticed before I uploaded it I would corrected it.

Just a quick tip for you:

Try to increase your target and max bitrate on your videos…
At 1080p there is just soo much compression going on and especially at night you can’t see anything anymore :confused:

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I shall look into this thank you. Ive never used game footage before and compression has always been an issue for me.
I think I just need to find a way not to have to convert format so many times in the process.

this is my new video which suppose to show a day of the bloke who goes into a battle. Short story, but kind of suits to footage I was able to get.) All footage is a mix of my screen capturing and footage I nicked from all Warhorse video updates, teasers and trailers. (sorry guys). The music is a result of me playing with Magix Music Maker, and I hope that some of you will like it. ( The original soundtrack is great, but I simply want to have in my videos a little bit of originality)

Thank you guys for all your comments.) (hope there will be any)