Side mission hare hunt possible issue

I recently started working on the side mission Hare Hunt and i believe that i might have messed up the progression of this mission. I have gotten to the part of the mission where you must go to the clearing north of Talmberg to look for clues and I noticed that the clearing is a location that I visited recently while hunting. Unfortunately during that first visit I found the buried dear carcass and interacted with it. Now I can’t interact with it for this mission and nothing happened when I interacted with it the first time. Does anyone know it locations or more pointedly if the carcass will reset after a length of time? If not is the info gained from this crucial to the investigation or can I complete the investigation fully without this stage being complete?

Its not crucial, go talk to blacksmith Betty and she will say Margeret or whatever her name is talked ro Hannikin Hare, then talk to Marg and if you persuade her she will leave a mark for Hare so you end up meeting him, if you choose Hare’s side you can become Talmbergs master huntsman.

Cool still wish I could have done this bit of it but oh well.