Siege mission quest bug with quartermaster

I am having a gamebreaker bug, since I can’t talk to the quartermaster to finish the siege quest after doing all the optional quests. It only gives me the option for pickpocket and there is no other questline to proceed to. Does anyone have a solution other than reverting to a previous savegame, because that would mean at least 10 hours of gameplay lost.

If you wait 3 days, does the next quest start?

Are you on PC? Any MODs? Game version 1.9.1?
Have you brought the beer from Andrew, or have snitched him(Andrew dead)?

Pc, no mods, as far as I know andrew lives, but it was quite a while ago I did that one so without checking ingame now. game updates automatically so I would say latest version. Its on the point I have to tell the quartermaster everything is done and its up to him to do the rest and go on to building the trebuchet quest.

Please send a bugreport to:
Thank you!

Is it possible to post your last save?

Ofcourse, but in the evening, also will put in a bugreport. the save game is in the link.

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Aren’t you supposed to talk to Tobias to advance the siege? I’m sure the quartermaster just handles those side objectives.
What have you actually done in the siege so far?

[quote=“Blacksmith, post:4, topic:65784”]
[/quote]there is no other quest marker aside from the quartermaster, the other questline point is wait till the trebuchet is built. Hmm apparently I haven’t waited enough time to get the trebuchet finished, but after a day extra I have another quest marker now, so I can continue the quest but still the quartermaster is not available to talk to.

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Is the quartermaster bug fixed with the lastest patch?

This problem has not been fixed still, I only get the pickpocket option, no option to talk to the quartermaster.

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That’s because you have done everything for him, there is no need to talk to him anymore.

there is still a marker on him to inform him about the beer. So no i did not yet do everything for him. Also I cannot tell Divish about the beer. Because of that also not get the achievement for completing all tasks, not that I really care much about that but still. should work. They also responded that it would be fixed in this latest patch but apparently not.

Did you get the beer from Andrew?

yes, and he still lives.

I am also stuck at this point, with no option to talk to him.

I have sent another bugreport to them, lets see what they say.

Thank you!

I was starting to wonder of it had something to do with the following, what do you think?

I had the the following tasks outstanding:
Take the potion to someone (can not recall the name)
And talk to the quarter master about the beer.

But before I completed those I started the “Womans Lot” DLC. Then when I completed the Womans Lot quest I went and delivered the potion to keep the guards awake, and then tried to talk to no avail to the quarter master…

Seems indeed that it has something to do with that, I believe I did the womans lot dlc missions too before going further with the main quest.