Siege Quest Bug?(Spoıler Alert)


Quartermaster: get 0/200 meat.

I need to complete every optional quest of siege to get the talmberger achievement. When i brıng 200 meat and complete the quartermaster meat missıon same mıssıon starts agaın. ı brıng hım 200 meat more than 10 tımes but every tıme same thıng happens. that optıonal quest starts over and over agaın. ı watched some vıdeos from ınternet and ı realızed that, on the vıdeos ı watched quartermaster wants 30 meat from the players. so ı am thınkıng about that, my game ıs bugged?
any suggestıons?


same here. had no problem doing it before the 1.5 patch. now it infinitly loops this 200 meat task.
maybe the reason is, that i killed andrew in the gallow brothers quest. previously he would respawn, so that you can do the beer task.


I turned in 200 meat, then the optional objective restarted itself but said 160/200 meat. I have no option to actually speak to him.


Same thing is happening to me. Andrew is alive for me, got the beer from him. Really frusterating.


same here. with 1.4.3 it was no problem
with 1.5 the meat quest loops xxx/200


You guys… honestly. In the dialogue they say they appreciate more supplies. Amazing you couldn’t work out there repeated quests! But yeah, must be a bug right? :joy:


Bringing additional meat shouldnt have to come in a lot of 200

Similar thing happened with Bernard and potions

Belagerung - Quartiermeister

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Yeah, stumbled at it myself. But i got an achievement if i bring meat when there are no other tasks left - as a final task.


I just saw me too, even though I still have the sidequest open.


Not a bug dudeee


A bug, it should not repeat itself infinetely, or soldiers just got fat and lazy and cannot stand up for the siege. They have only one beer keg for christ sake! =)


Works not for me :frowning:


Having the same problem :(. I brought over 1000 meat now - just thinking “Well, War makes you Hungry.” I would love to know a fix so I can get the Talmberg. In my scenario, Andrew swings on a pole outside the Inn, but I am never prompted by the Quartermaster to get BEER at all.