Silence Mutt

I call Mutts’ nonstop howling and yawning a bug/annoyance.
Please release a patch that changes his “sounds” to a silent sound file. There’s a mod for that but we shouldn’t have to use a mod to remove an annoyance that gives us cancer.
His sounds are unbearable, really, when I play in the evening his howling and yawning resounds way higher than any other in-game sounds and I have to switch off my speakers. I’m happy I’m not playing with headphones because that would be horrible.
Other issue; Mutt can’t stop blocking my path so change his path to keep at all times 3 meters (or the minimal distance that allows you to interact with him) of distance with me. I was riding on the path along the cliff heading to Pribyslavitz and when you travel fast Mutt despawns and respwans instead of running behind you. He spawned, bumped in my horse and nearly pushed me from the cliff.
Moreover, when I’m encumbered and moving really slow and can’t use my horse he always blocks me making the thing even more annoying.

To make Mutt shut up I will tell him to ‘stay’ somewhere and later will either call or whistle him, even if I’m half way across the map. I also give him the ‘free’ command and he’s under my feet less. I hate going to pick something up and I end up talking to Mutt instead.