Silent Farkle players


Not a long ago I met a Farkle player in Uzhits who seemingly lacked the audio files: when I talk to him, he appears frozen and KCD stops until I skip his “speech” by pressing ESC. During the game of Farkle, he’s playing without a word coming from his pokerface muzzle. No chance to beat him: he doesn’t run out of money and each time offers the bet as high as 100 groshen (max). Even worse, despite he doesn’t smile back, the fortune is definitely smiling to him.

Yesterday I bumped in the same type of a player in Ledetchko.

And finally, today are two of them appeared in the short time span - a grumpy man named Hired Hand in Rattay inn and a young chap in the inn just outside Rattay.

Is it a bug? Is it a secret order invading Bohemia? Is it virulent?


They don’t speak cause they’re Cumans.


Sneaky bastards! Truth people say Sigismund has his masterplan crafted by the devil himself!

But it would be funny if bandits or cumans were offering the player a game of Farkle instead of fighting.


I’ve been playing that game a bit and finding it quite fun. Especially with a “Lucky Dice” and an “Odd Dice” in my repertoires :wink:

So far, I’ve played probably 7 or 8 different opponents in a total of about 10 matches I guess. The thing I’ve been impressed by is: how effectively the designers have used the fairly limited voice actor and model and animations assets at their disposal to create a very immersive and believable experience!

To all the folks who made this part of the game: WELL DONE! Extraordinarily good mini-game! I really cannot think of anything to criticize. Even the “help” stuff is incredibly good. . . well there is ONE thing: if you play the game in certain locations at certain times of day (e.g., the upper rattay tavern, the broken wheel I think it is? The one outside the walls) like say early day or late day, the shadows that are cast can make the markings on the dark “Lucy Die” and “Odd Die” a bit hard to discern. This is easily addressed by having a torch in hand before inviting the NPC to play = fully illuminated play table!

Anyway, back on topic . . . I’ve started to get in the habit of “making the rounds” looking for victim . . . erm I mean “fellow players!” sit at one tavern in the evening for an hour if no one sits down, move on to the next one.

In one of these pub crawls, I encountered a guy sitting at the Farkle table in the Trader’s tavern in Rataje whose name was “Hired Hand.” he was completely poker faced and never said a word. Also only bet like 5.9 Groschen at the outset.


Yeah, Hired Hand is one of the Silent. I’m considering killing them all, i mean, all who doesn’t say a word during the farkle.


My question is: do any of the NPCs use “cheaty dice?”

I noticed one guy who got a surprisingly high frequency of three and four of a kind rolls and I was tempted to either mug and rob him or pickpocket him to see if I’d find some loaded dice on him.


They do. I think you were not able to recognize them in older versions but now you can see.