Silly question


Hello, I heard this forum from my friend. Could you give me some vedio link about how to play it well.


Hi buddy… are you a backer?

If you’ve not backed the game, then you’ll have to wait til February next year to experience KCD in all it’s full released glory.

If you have backed KCD, then you’ll get access to the beta via Steam. Which is essentially a refined tech demo, with the majority of in-game mechanics and features.

In terms of playing the game well. Practice, patience and timing. Check out the WarHorse Youtube channel here: and you’ll be able to find heaps of other co-related content.



Actually only a small subset of backers access the beta via steam. Most get the launcher access via the backer rewards page. This is also where the Steam key for final will be provided to the backers in due course.


The OG Backers :smile: