Simple question about gameplay

hey there,
what is going to happen with corpses ? will they magically disappear ?
that wouldnt be realisic ,if you turn you head away from them, and then back and they are not there anymore…
anyone got informations about that ?
second question ; if you go in someones house at night, are they always want to fight you or do they some scream and
acting scared etc. …?
sry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure, but I think they stay there for some time. If they decay or not, I do not know. And this my info comes from an year old beta (looking at you Mr. @SirWarriant :smiley: )
However good question I never thought of. You can ask in Weekl Torch - Barrel of Questions, where devs regularly answer our questions.

Hi there,
I will try to shed some light on your questions.

Most probably yes. Not in the manner you described, though.
But we do have some cool concept for getting rid of the bodies in our arsenal, so lets wait and see for the final game, shall we?

Well, its bit complicated, our crime system has several layers and there are several factors influencing the outcome. So yes, all NPC won’t attack you for trespassing on their property.

first of all, thanks for the fast answer :slight_smile:
It would be cool if there were undertaker who would dispose of the corpses :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok, i got another question : If you kill someone at night in his house, and there is some noise (screaming,fighting etc)
,do other people in their houses hear that too and act accordingly ? for example ,will they come over and help or get the night watch ??
oh man,theres so much more questions i could ask :scream:

also one more question,
will you be able to burn a house or sth in the forest ? i mean you got a torch …? :wink:

If you cause a loud fight at night (as opposed to a silent kill, then others who witness the act, or the ruckus surrounding it will ‘search’ around for the cause, and spread knowledge of the trouble to other NPCs, including eventually the guards who will stop Henry (or the offending npc in some cases) and have a range of responses from a fine to killing on sight. Partly depending on seriousness of the offence, and sometimes increased by repeat offending (i.e. steal from a soldier’s tent once and you will get fined. Get caught a second or third time and they will just cut you down even without attempting to speak to you.

You cannot randomly set fires to houses. You can however burn several items in the world when they are scripted (e.g arrow stores and hay pile at the bandit camp during the preparation for and during the battle).
There will also be game events that result in rapine, pillaging and burning of military and civilian locations - some of which can be promoted/created by player actions or inactions.

okay nice :slight_smile:
i got one more question^^
since everyone is able to die and is not going to come alive again,
it should be possible to “empty” the game world ?!
So the question is , how many npc´s are on our world ? And does everyone got a house and bed etc ?
i mean especially for the big scale battles…

The devs stated “somewhere” but I don’t recall exactly where, that dead npcs will eventually be replaced by new ones performing the same tasks, at least in many cases.

A very recent post indicated that the current AI routine can handle 500 NPC characters in 10ms (a huge improvement over beta levels of performance). Not sure if this is an ‘average’ number of entities, or some proportion higher or lower than the population. It is an indication of “scale” though.
No idea about how the larger scale conflicts (or even the basics of the world resolution) will perform in final code yet though as we haven’t been given indications of many of the current/target states.