Sinew Bow Glitch

So I had a previous playthrough, where I was able to get the sinew bow. I started a new game, got the archery range, but the option to trade with the archery master wasn’t there. What do I do?

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Go to this thread please

(Talked to some Warhorse Employees. Good News for Sinew Bow "From the Ashes" Fans)

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Im on PS4 and had a actual WarHorse Dev said this would of been resolved a month ago on console after the problem persisted for since the DLC came out! Im starting to say, F! this company, They’re looking for dlc money and not fixing the current problems!

I’ve thumbed through all the patch notes for PC and as far as I can tell this still hasnt been addressed.

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What a fuking joke this team has become.

For any PC players still having this problem I’ll provide instructions for adding it through the console in the meantime.

First off, if you’re on Steam you’ll need to take an extra step to fully enable the console. Locate the game in your Steam library, right click, go to properties, and go to Set Launch Options under the general tab. Add in the line -devmode an click okay.

Once in-game hit the tilde key (~) to open the console.
The console code for the Sinew bow is: wh_cheat_addItem 9bafcc7f-3931-4cc4-89ce-8f6ab205dfa8 1