Talked to some Warhorse Employees. Good News for Sinew Bow "From the Ashes" Fans


He said the Testers and Dev Team are well aware of the Sinew Bow, and the Fix should of been in the Last update, But for some reason it was not included. The issue will be resolved the very Next Patch for Consoles. The employee said do not expect the Update until after minimum 11 Days(Because multiple companies need to test Update). So Im thinking by the end of the month or a little later.

Sinew Bow Glitch

Thanks for the likes, Good to see more stealth Thief Assassins out their in the World of KCD


@Icemanof74 , I think I replied to you in this thread. Has something happened with it?

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Im not sure?


Anyways, The latest Update came out for the PS4 and now when I go to the rebuilt town from the Dlc From the Ashes, I get prompted to join the Archery Tournament, I go there thinking the Devs fix the Sinew Bow/ArcheryMaster bug…Nope, Once I talk to the Archer, Still no option to trade and when I pick to join the tournament…The game goes on a infinite loop of Henry talking with zero sound(This did not happen before the update lol)…How does this get through BETA TESTING? Im thinking of deleting the game from the console, Plus the resolution on multiple things on PS4 Pro have been downgraded in the past? wtf


Patience…it’ll take a while. It’s not disruptive to gameplay so wouldn’t be surprised if it took a month or two

Personally prefer the Cuman 74. It had decent stopping power and is designed for use on horseback


This problem has been in the game since late last year


Some of the item-related issues are paradoxical. Sinew bow… now it’s gone. Flaming heart heavy shield… now it’s gone. Talk to the hand shield… now it’s here. Skalitz/Talmberg heavy shield… never gonna happen even if you recruit one of the best armorsmiths in the region.


Still not fixed…


Still waiting (Xbox one x)
Also haven’t seen any special beer year from the tavern.
Also would like to see the 2 named skalitz guards receuitable for the guard house.
Maybe Nightingale and some Rattay options?
Vatzek for the archery range?
Matthias for the stable
Skalitz priest for the church
Drahomira as a Butcher Maybe?

Maybe have Vanyek as a receuitable option through the judgments?

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Did you look here?


Just did thank you very much wa looking in all the chests didn’t realise that was a container.


Still not resolved lol :unamused:


Well no as they haven’t released any patches yet.

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When is the next patch, Im not planning on playing anymore until I get the Sinew Bow I purchase the Dlc for


Probably end of next month or whenever they are gonna release 4th DLC. Royal edition of game comes May which includes all DLCs so maybe we have to wait until May who knows.

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Well it was promised in the last update/patch

     Im on PS4 and had a actual WarHorse Dev said this would of been resolved a month ago on console after the problem persisted for since the DLC came out! Im starting to say, F! this company, They're looking for dlc money and not fixing the current problems!

This post did not AGE well, They know the problem has persisted since late 2018 and still have not resolved the issue. I purchased the “From the Ashes” dlc just for that Sinew Bow.

Developers can we please get a Update??


Don’t expect anything from WH mate. They don’t even respond here or on STEAM. Their STEAM’s Forum manager was also ‘‘moved on’’ so just don’t expect a fix or answer anytime soon.