Talked to some Warhorse Employees. Good News for Sinew Bow "From the Ashes" Fans

It comes when they release royal edition so 1.9 update or something wait 1 month and u get it

Yeah, like I’m obligated to wait for them fix their game after 1.5 yrs, seriously now?
We’re talking about game-braking bugs here on many occasions.

So don’t wait and stop crying, they are still making big DLC and repairing the game same time. It’s a small new studio and the game is very big and ambitious, so it takes time. They are not Ubisoft. Clever people can understand that :slight_smile: Btw 99% of the serious bugs are gone for a long time, and the rest will be repaired in May, if you don’t want to wait, you can go, bye.

Well, kiddo. They’re no small studio any more after all the money they grabbed from us. I’m modding games from Paradox and Total War and moderating forums since you were an infant and since the internet is anonymous, you should come on Total War Center and find me. Same (username) Then, after you see to whom you’re talking to, we could discuss patches, games and how the gaming industry works. Don’t assume you know people or what they do. That’s plainly childish of you, so grow up and be more than a peasant who just throws money to irresponsible companies. This Forum is a mess and the support non existent.


Haha :smiley: personal insults, really mature of you grandpa. I know this project, studio and all it’s history since total beginning, I’m from same country. They start from a scratch with a few people, 80% of the team never worked in game industry, now they have cca 130+ employees (after the success).
It’s a fraction of what your Paradox and Creative Assembly have (they are 3-5 times bigger, and exists for decades). You don’t have to educate me “Mr. Professional”, since you obviously know shit about them. GTFO to your forums and don’t cry here, if you refuse to understand simple things.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

You clearly know nothing. What’s their current situation? are you aware ? No, you’re not, plus you’re biased and immature as it seems, you are no in position to converse with adults. Have I ever talked about their starting situation? What the despicable forum support, community management, zero communications skills have to do with theirs and your country? Really, are you able to talk seriously? Do you know there are still many bugs which were reported since Day 1? Do you know that many people report bugs on STEAM and here and we get no answer for months? If you’re fine with that guess what? I’m not!

But since you’re biased and you adore your countrymen (again how you connected that with their company’s performance is hilarious) :rofl: I won’t waste my time with you.

I’m happy you’re enjoying a broken game and your expectations are so low :smiley:

Cheers and hugs :wink:

This is waste of time, you don’t even understand what I’m saying :smiley: It’s based on the logic and simple mathematics, so it’s probably too hard for you. You keep saying how adult you are, but you cry here like a baby, and you are not able to understand anything.

Yes, I’m aware of their current situation, I already said that. And the reason I mentioned that I’m from the same country, is to tell you that I probably know more about them, because local media and all gaming community are watching this game and studio closely from the start. It has nothing to do with performance, but it was also too hard for you to get that.
Biased? No…I would say the same no matter what studio made it, if they were in the same situation.

I admit that, after the release it was a buggy mess, but now are 99% of the problems gone and it will be polished even more. I had no serious problems during last playthrough at all.
All you have to do, is to not be impatient cocky idiot, and wait a few weeks till final edition release :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you Dev Team, I had this game on PS4 Pro with only Far from Ashes, But after reading the fix is in for this Bow and they’re coming out witha Royal Edition…Im going to purchase that for Xbox X where I can replay the story with the Sinew Bow and all the other DLC. Thanks for not turning into EA or Bethesda

The Sinew Bow is Back and it hits hard! Thank you Devs!

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