Sinew bow?


Where is my sinew bow I have waited months and no way in hell im gonna start new playtrough only just to get that jesus christ be praised!


You need to progress with From the Ashes DLC and build the Archery Range. NPC at the Archery Range sells it.


Jesus u think I dont know


Still not fixed??? :smiley:

Ahahahah well done Warhorse!

I was yelling for it on twitch and twitter and they even responded multiple times, but just general blabla “we are trying hard to fix things…” …

Well done Warhorse, well done.

Well, now let’s wait for the next update in 6 month, when the next DLC releases!


I also purchased this From the Ashes for this stronger Bow, But mI also having the same problems…I cannot even steal it.

I built things in this order

Built Rathaus
Built church
Built Wood Cutters Camp
Built Trader
Had Coal, Grain and Stone delievered
Built Tavern
Built Forge
Built Guardhouse
Improved Guardhouse with Archer

Something must be breaking it


Did you ever get this fixed?


Ok. I managed to replicated the bug on my 2nd playthrought.

I wonder if it will fix when archery master will be replaced by recruitable NPC.


Tell me how that goes, I don’t think you can replace the Master Archer