Sinew Bow?!?


Am I missing something? How could this bug have escaped the newest patch?

Dear Devs: The Sinew Bow is a FUNDAMENTAL REWARD of one of your DLCS, it’s earned for making a certain choice you can’t undo. Stop fixing random ui bugs nobody even notices and please hotfix the strongest bow in the game back in! Like tomorow; not in six months!

The bow is not for sale like it should be. It’s also not in the merchants chest. This has nothing to do with mods being used, one of your previous patches broke the merchant and now nobody can access this content.


I have the same issue on the ps4, was excited to see a new update yesterday but I was quikly disappointed to see that the archery master still does not have the option to trade.

it sucks because there is not enough equipment in the game for higher levels, I have been running around with the St. George sword and the yew bow forever… it is getting quite boring, I don’t even bother looting anymore because I know I will not find anything better and Pribyslavitz is generating around 2k a day for me so I don’t need to sell anything anymore.


Try using other primary weapons. My second playthrough I haven’t bothered touching St. Georges Sword despite having 2 of them. I generally use the Stinger Short Sword which currently has 103 Stab Damage and absolutely wrecks nearly everything in 1-2 pokes, and the Ravens Beak War Hammer which just looks cool, and if I’m not mistaken applies its Stab and Blunt damage at the same time which makes it one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game.

As far as Bows go, generally they all feel the same. If you want a change of pace from the Yew Long Bow try the Cuman Bow out as their is 1 that does 74 damage base which is right up their with the top tier long bows. People sleep on the Cuman Bows as they are some of the strongest while simultaneously having lower stat requirements to use vs other bows of equal strength.


yeah its such a joke that this has not been fixed
i dont even build prbyslavitz anymore because there is simply nothing to spend money on in the game and so no need to rebuild the town.
everything in the game can be looted, stolen or found for free.


Im working right now just to get a chance to get the Bow, But it says I need a wagon to pick up the Stone/Grain…Where is the Wagon?


you need to build the trader first, then your trader can pick up the resources you need, thats what they mean by wagon


I also purchased this From the Ashes for this stronger Bow, But Im also having the same problems…I cannot even steal it.

I built things in this order

Built Rathaus
Built church
Built Wood Cutters Camp
Built Trader
Had Coal, Grain and Stone delievered
Built Tavern
Built Forge
Built Guardhouse
Improved Guardhouse with Archer

Something must be breaking it


You have to build the Trader to get the Wagon. Tip on Pribyslavitz always build in this order…

Wood Cutters



then whatever you want afterwards, secondly if your only building the town for the Bow and don’t really want to mess with the town just stop. Unless your playing on an old version of the game the Archer Master at the fully upgraded Guard House no longer functions as a vendor and as a result no longer has the Sinew Long Bow nor is it in a chest anywhere in town.


So I do not purchase the Improvement to the Guard house. I can still get the Bow?


After one of the updates the Archery Master at the Guard House Archery Range no longer functions as a vendor for whatever reason and there for no longer has the Sinew Long Bow on their person or their inventory chest which is always empty.