Singing NPCs

Yesterday I found an NPC singing a song I hadn’t heard before:

I looked up the lyrics and found the original song:

***correction, original song is “Ešče si já pohár vína zaplatím” (“I will pay for a cup of wine”) by Felix Slováček.

Sometimes the bandits also sing a robber song.
In this video I have recorded when they sing it in different ways,
the one furious and the other super happy:

I couldn’t find anything about this yet, Just thought I’d share this. Are there more singing NPCs been discovered?


Henry is the best singer in Bohemia!

However, I have also heard some workers sing during the construction of the trebuchet, the song that Theresa sings while picking apples, …

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Came across that last one yesterday, I laughed so hard when I suddenly heard Henry sing. :smiley:

I also looked up the originals:

Já jsem z Kutný Hory

And the second song; Číže sú to koně ve dvore

When Henry sings to a horse… “At Your Service, My Lady” :joy:

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