Sir Divish stuck

I’m seeking for an advice about “Sport of the Kings”. This is my 4th passthrough but it happens the first time. When I deliver the horse to Talmberg stables, Sir Divish is misteriopusly carried to the back of the village and stuck there. You can talk to him about organizing races, but he stays there, literally grows into the ground. Therefore, he does not come to the start of the races, and the quest does not start. He cannot be moved by pushing as well. Loading an earlier save does not help, some script still transfers it to the same place in the village immediately after I bring the horse. Has anyone faced a similar problem? How can I solve it?

If you brought the horse to the stables, talked with the groom and Divish and he’s stuck you might have to find a saved game before Zora gives you the mission

Well, I restarted the quest again from the moment you adviced and… it didn’t work. Divish still teleports to the village by some kind of bugged script right after I leave the horse at the stables and never moves again. Perhaps there is another option to fix this? Maybe unfreeze him by teleporting with a cheat code or something?

No there are no such commands from the console. I have a similar issue with Andrew not giving me Gallows brothers after I stole the money from the Talmberg chest.

The only things I can imagine are:

  • You somehow broke the quests continuum (don’t ask me how) like it seems I did by stealing the money before the heist
  • You still have a quest for Divish you haven’t finished and he’s not “ready” until you finish the other mission
  • You killed one of the other participants to the race
  • You haven’t waited 24 hours for the race to be prepared
  • You’re not supposed to do that mission right now, you need to finish another one before or wait for some event

That’s the typical kind of bug with quests in KDC and it’s almost impossible to know what is causing this most of the time

What mods are you using?

Can you kill him and maybe he’ll reset?

I use no mods, and I have a feeling trying to kill a nobleman might not be a good idea :slight_smile:

Killing maybe not, but what if you knocked him out? If you still have that saved game from before Zora gives you the mission, go to Talmberg and check if Divish is stuck like you described it. If it’s the case wait for the night, make sure you have no dagger in your inventory, just to be sure, and slip past behind him to knock him out and try to carry his body and drop it on an elevated platform so that he doesn’t fall through the world floor, hide and wait for him to wake up to see if it solves your problem.

This happened to me when I spoke with Divish about the completion of the reconstruction of Pribyslavitz, when he is praying. I think at this point his prayer animation is interrupted and no longer resumed. After that Divish was stuck near Tumbleburg.