Sir Hans Capon Bath


I’ve tried to wait for sir Hans out of the door for the past few days. He isn’t meeting me there or leaving his room. I don’t understand why but every evening, early, late. He doesn’t meet at Bath…


I’m having the same issue, I also reloaded the save before I picked up the quest to go grab it again. I’ve just finished the ‘Ginger in a pickle’ quest before speaking to Hans. Hans just stands in his room and you’re unable to speak to him.


Right I reload save data and load in the recent one to test it out. No luck. :cry::cry:


I’ve been reading some stuff (sadly everything I’ve found is from 2018) but it’s a bug caused during ‘The Prey’ where you go hunting with Hans and deal with the Cumans. I’d like to think that a year later this would have been patched, my many playthroughs and this is the first time this has happened. I only wanted a new save to enjoy ‘Band of Bastards’ when ever it happens in the story. I suppose I could just avoid the side quest but that would be a shame. It may also prevent me from doing the Hans Capon DLC


Well that sucks. I sent to developer about it. Haven’t heard yet. But no luck still lol. Those of who made it are lucky as hell.


The quest randomly fixed itself the day after!! I turned on my Xbox. Decided to load the save BEFORE I spoke to Hans. He was laid in his bed this time rather then standing in the middle of the room. Quest worked fine now.


Gotta try that then reload the recent save lol


Thanks to you! I went into the old save and find him laying down. Wait til he walks. Load back to where I was. Then met him on road. Ayyy!