Sir Hans Capon DLC

dont know if this has been discussed yet but will the DLC require and unfinished playline or can you do the DLC from the very end point of the game, you know when Hans and his retinue are waiting for you at their camp

I suppose you have to finish the main story first

you have to play the Game until you finish the hunting Quest with Capon. This makes sense, because if you could play it from the beginning you wouldn’t know Capon


yeah obviously that makes sense, i just wonder can you do it from a completed game save

Someone from the WH team specifically said that it’s possible to play the Capon DLC after beating the main game from the Epilogue save. And the earliest point is just after The Prey.


This is misleading information. According to the public statement, the DLC can be played anytime after The Prey.

I finished playing the DLC, you do not need to complete the main quest. I was able to start the DLC after the Robber Baron side quest. My impression of the DLC is generally favorable, it is entertaining and humorous (IMO). Unfortunately, I would like to see more content but there are many things I want that I will never get… Such is life.