Sir Radzig Missing/Stuck

So, when I go to report to Sir Radzig in “Questions and Answers”, he’s not there, and whenever I use commands to go to him or bring him to me, he’s stuck on his horse and unable to talk. I’ve gone back to previous saves, and whenever this quest starts, he’s stuck somewhere. Edit: When I investigated further, it turns out Sir Radzig has been stuck in the Rattay Bathhouse on his horse since after the second Runt fight. I’m not sure what the heck happened, but I know I’m not going to replay everything I’ve done since then.

Radzig himself is buggy as hell, He repeatedly walks up and down the stairs in pirkenstien like a broken toy and abandons his horse everywhere, 1st playthrough left it on the road from neuyhof, second game left in the middle of a field near rattay, 3rd game left in the stream in ledetchko all games paces repeatedly on the staircase. lol ssso immersive lol I get it though, Warhorse want to encourage a leg day workout hehe


He should be near Talmberg, not Rattay (he tells you he’s leaving when starting that mission…) Don’t use commands for normal play…

If you save the game while he’s on the horse, when you reload that save, he will get off his horse. The same is true of Hans.

From memory, Radzig will get off the horse when he reaches his destination. Usually waiting or sleeping will hurry that along.

He should be near Talmberg, not Rattay.

So, in the mission it gives you a location to a camp in where he’s supposed to be, but he’s not. Instead, he’s stuck in the rattay bathhouse on his horse.

Thanks, that actually almost worked. I was able to talk to him, but all he said was, “Not now Henry, wait until we get there.” even if I teleport him directly to the camp.

How the hell he got in there??? There’s no scriptline in game where he should be going into Rattay Bathhouse…

Somehow its likely the game story line is broken, Mods maybe?

The only mod I have is a cheat mod I use for saving and the bow reticle. I’ve never messed with NPCs or anything that’s not my character, but I guess it’s possible. Edit: Went back even further in my saves, he’s been stuck since before I got the mod.