Sir Radzig's sword owner*Spoilers*

I was wondering why Sir Radzig commissioned the sword, to begin with. He lets Henry try to hit the stick at the beginning of the game and then later on in the game Henry mentions he has still not got Sir Radzig’s sword back and Radzig answers " It’s not mine, it’s yours".

Did Sir Radzig commission the sword for Henry all along? He said at the beginning of the game that he wanted Henry to bring it to him. The inscription on the sword said something about family.

I wonder if he spent his time watching Henry grow up, wanting to be his father figure and this was perhaps a gift for him. There was that scene when they were sharing a horse, “just like I had imagined it, teaching my boy to ride”. It seems he really cares for Henry and he might have cared for his mother too.

Radzig seemed completely unconcerned that the sword was gone. After all they’ve gone through, he decides to give Henry a sword, that he doesn’t actually have, and that is now fairly useless from a combat perspective. I’m pretty sure he says it’s your sword now. If he actually did make it for Henry, that would have been the time to say so.

He’s as likely to have commissioned the sword, simply because he wanted it, or as a way to throw some money his “father’s” way, as he was to have made it for Henry, someone that can’t even swing a sword.

He probably cared a little, like you would for any baby momma, and indeed the child, but he didn’t seem involved while Henry was growing up.

I think that it would become Henry’s (birthday) present, and with getting the sword he’d also tell henry that he is Radzigs son. At least that is what I imagine myself

I think that, after all that time Radzig just stopped caring about some sword and realized, it has much bigger value for Henry. And also it would be a reward, for all what Henry did for everyone. And also, he is his son, so why not? That are the reasons why he told him, he should keep the sword.
I don’t think Radzig was planing to do this from the start :smiley:

Thank you all for your replies. It now makes more sense.

Do you think Radzig cared for Henry’s mother. He talks about her twice I think, “She was remarkable too” and “They will pay for what they did to your mother”.

Yes, he cared obviously. She was his former love and he had child with her, he just couldn’t marry her, becouse she was a peasant girl. But she lived near his castle and had Radzig’s friend as a husband, who cared of her and Henry.
That’s why Henry’s “fake father” says during the Skalitz attack “Take the sword and run to sir Radzig, he will take care of you. He owes me.”
So Radzig obviously wanted good life for her, and gave her proper husband :smiley:

It would have been great if Radzig whole have taken a few minutes with Henry to tell him the « long and peculiar story » about them.

Someone has been getting high quality swords off of brigands and flooding the market with them, so they are nearly worthless now.

I’m pretty sure Sir Radzing was going to tell Henry at some point, and the idea of the sword being a present does seem like an interesting idea to aid in telling his bastard son, ‘‘Yeah, you’re mine. Here, have a fancy ass sword.’’