Skilled Modder Wanted!


Greetings and good Evening Guys,

alltough I still hope for a soon release of modding support for KCD, I am looking for skilled modder who could do me and the whole community a real favour.

Any of you who used mods earlier definitly came across Knoxogoshi’s great mod.

Because Knox is still missed by the whole KCD Nexus Mod community I thought some skilled modder could have a look into his mod and update it for us.

I still hope Knox will come back soon, but I want to play with this really good mod.

Here is the link if someone of you is interested in looking into it.

Have a great time


Don’t hold your breath. It is the last to be released and that’s late 2019.
Hopefully when that does happen the authors will come back or others will step in and up date some or most of the older mods.


I just looked at the MOD,there is no modding needed ,most things are the same as the patch files.There are some differences so all one needs to do is go through the files in the mod and change the values.I am not going to do it but I can help a little.

How you would do this is use a program such as 7zip to open .pak files from the mod and use the built in editor to edit the files in the mod.

What I would do is get all the path files names from the mod and then I would go to the game folder and copy all of those files from the game folder and put them in a folder on the desktop and I would edit those files the same as the mod files.Seach for items by id number,see example below.

After all the edits I would just copy all the edited files to the correct mods folder and replace them all with the edited files and your done.

EG: Mod the first .pak file is
zzz_URO_CORE+COMBAT.pak and the path to a file is
\Libs\Tables\item\weapon.xml go to game folder and copy/open and search for item ID number
KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\Tables.pak open with 7zip and edit
\Libs\Tables\item\weapons.xml same as the mod file and save the file when finished.


Thank you, maybe I‘ll try that by myself and see if it works


Your welcome and it is always way more fun to do it yourself,also I looked at some of the settings and they are way out of control, you could even improve on the mod.


What about finding out what in a mod causes a CTD when a certain command is used from it?
Cheat mod console command: own all stolen Items cause s a CTD since 1.6.
How different is this from just changing an items stats?


One Hint, If you want to compare two files, use WinMerge
it will made it easier for you :wink:


@longshot300mag will you stop being a weirdo with that command,I do not have a problem with stolen items and never did,I do not give a fuck about your problems ,go complain in your own thread and tell all about your new computer.
Also The mod does not crash for me,I wold make a video but i have figured it is useless making video with people like yo on these forums.

@rataj yes win merge is very good,but in this mod not useful because modder changed structure from patched files and all wold be different in winmerge. Item id is the way to go with this mod


ok then how to make a Cuman bow like the Capon hunting bow mod?
I’d call it the Cumans Captains bow.


I am not here to help you longshot300mag I am willing to help the op


So allthough I am not a skilled modder at all I‘ll give it a try tomorrow.

Thank you @gerardfraser and @rataj!

I don‘t think that I will change anything at the mod (because it is Knox intellectual property and not mine) just try to update it!

I was too lazy to start today and the mod still works for me, except some texts are messed up, like the talking options to get a different hair cut or beard (which still works, you just can‘t read which beard etc you take) but beside that it is working for me!


Hey no problem,there is no (because it is Knox intellectual property and not mine) The studio and publisher own the game and hold all rights,it is not a big deal.Anyway from the mod page itself and knox.
It is fine to update any mod to get it working the way yo want it to work.Good luck,if yo need help I can try to help out.Also he even writes he used other mods ETC

Ultimate Realism Overhaul is designed to be modular.
This means it is possible to customise your install and disregard features of this mod that don’t wish to install (e.g. no changes to food).
This section describes each of the modules that comprise this mod.
It is possible to customise your gameplay by only installing some of the modules, or by installing all of them.
However, this mod has been designed and tested with all modules active.
For the best ultimate realism experience, it is highly recommended you install every module.


@gerardfraser I am very sorry, but can you tell me which files exactly I have to change, so that every dlc is working? So they work for me cause, for example I get the quest for the tournament in rattay but the is no text just a strange line of letters and numbers and signs.

The only problem with the mod is the outdated files for the dlcs…
Is there an easy way to change this or not cause otherwise I will be to overwhelmed changing everything?


Just do as I suggested use the actual patched files already with the game and change them,then put the files in the mod folder.
You do not have to change every file,just the ones you want like the screenshot above.If you do it the way I suggested the DLC files will work.


It’s not really worth it, honestly. Many of the changes that were made in this mod only really made sense at that time since a lot of it was improved upon with patches (and hardcore mode) making it obsolete. I’m sure if Knox decided to pick this up again, he wouldn’t opt to port everything over the way it was at the time of release. Anyway, it’s very hard to do so now unless you have the old version vanilla files to compare with his. It would be easier to make it from scratch even, one part at a time. No offence intended, but it would be more sensible of you to ask for specific parts of the mod that you liked to be ported to the newer version (in case it makes sense at all with the current version of the game).