Skipping cutscenes

I just bought the game on my ps4 (version 1.9.1). It’s skipped several of the beginning cutscenes, starting with the one that plays when Henry finishes his errands and forges the sword with his father. That scene, as well as all of them that I’ve tried to see after that, don’t play.
I’ve tried reinstalling the game but it hasn’t worked, has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi since the latest update on ps4 1.9.1 the cutscene when you enter prybyslavitz after being proclaimed bailiff is not playing. Checked twice and just fades to black then old dilapidated pribyslavitz just changes to the cleared pribyslavitz. On previous versions there was a cutcene with marius and workers clearing the hamlet. I guess this is fairly common with ps4 and is a bug . I think they tweaked cutscenes based on the patch notes ( cutscenes optimized) but instead bugged it out

Reported the bug to warhorse. They advised me to rebuild database of ps4… already rebuilt database and still no cutscenes… :disappointed: they must have messed up the cutscene optimization on the latest patch…

Hmmm so it can probably only be fixed with a patch. Hopefully enough people complain about it

I suggest you report this directly to warhorse support. They rarely answer on this forum
I think you should report this at

I’m having the same issue on PS4, just bought the game today.

Same here, bought it yesterday and already getting bugs… I really wanted to play this game but I would gladly take my money back

I just fixed it, I deleted the games and all saves and downloaded it again. I got the cutscenes now

Wow… cant delete my 500h save if thats the fix…

Already reinstalled game and redownloaded 20gb patch. Still with skipping cutscene. Definitely a bug…:pensive:

So this is my first time commenting on a threat and hopefully this helps.

I am playing on PS4 pro and had the same issue after the tutorial and handing your dad the items, it skipped that cutscene and went straight to bringing the nails to the girl and once I did that it skipped that cutscene and went straight to “Run” mission.

I was pretty frustrated and read somewhere to delete the game and redownload it. I did not do that and instead reloaded a previous save. That didn’t work and the same issue occurred.

Next what I did is completely get out of the game, check for recent updates (it was The latest version) and booted the game up again. This time I loaded the same save I loaded before, approached the dad but this time I didn’t skip any dialogue or anything between the two and it worked! Don’t know why or how. If I can recommend. Do not click skip on any dialogue when approaching your father. Have the full conversation with him before the cutscene, again do not skip anything.

Another thing I did when I got out of the game to check for an update, is upload all my save files up until that point to an online save cloud thing which you can do.

Hope this helps. It is a fantastic game and yes I know how frustrating it can be but hey hit me up if you have any questions cause for me it’s running amazing now.