Slow input in combat makes the game neigh unplayable

Dear warhorse and everyone else. Please fix the input lag on Xbox. I can’t battle even simple farmers without god literally being on my side. When I press the button to do pretty much any action there is a whole 1 second delay. This is fine outside of combat, in combat however it means that even on a perfect block I can’t attack in time and forget about riposte. The perfect block/riposte works so badly it’s not worth mentioning after you broke the mechanic with an update. It claims that if you block when the green shield appears and press attack at the same time then you get to do a riposte. This does not work, ever. Blocking works fine but attacking is too slow to chain attacks or anything really. I’m not asking you to change the whole combat system, but I remember when the perfect block/riposte worked as the game toturial explained. You block when the green shield appear and attack at the same time and voila it was amazing and fun and took a little practice. Then you “patched” the combat to make it more difficult but in doing that you barred off 90% of the game for a person like me. Because of my eyesight I can’t react to an animation before it happens.

I respectfully ask/plead/beg that you put a toggle in the settings to make the perfect block/riposte as easy as it was on launch date way back when. It would make the game as fun and amazing as I remember and it would give everyone a chance to feel like you accomplished something. And before you say you are unable to do this, I would like to point out that you added a feature to make the lockpicking of all things more simple. Please Warhorse. I beg you, make it playable for me again.