SMAA 2TX - flickering?


The anti-aliasing mode SMAA 2TX causes an annoying flickering near fires, fireplaces, sometimes torches of other persons in the night and sometimes also on smoke coming out of chimneys. With 1TX the flickering is gone.

Anyone might have a solution? :slight_smile:


I always use that AA thanks for the tip , but here are others you can try different combos. MSAA does not work well in this game s o left those out.
r_AntialiasingMode =
Enables post process based anti-aliasing modes.
Usage: r_AntialiasingMode [n]
0: NO AA
1: SMAA 1X
4: FXAA 1X

r_AntialiasingTAAPattern =
Selects TAA sampling pattern.
0: no subsamples
1: 2x
2: 3x
3: 4x
4: 8x
5: sparse grid 8x8
6: random
7: Halton 8x
8: Halton random

;r_Supersampling = 2
(Best Antialiasing FPS Killer,Remove ; to use add ; To Disable r_AntialiasingMode/r_AntialiasingTAAPattern )

r_AntialiasingTAASharpening = 0.2
Enables TAA sharpening


Wow, thanks for the input, gerardfraser.
But which of all those commands might prevent the flickering near fires? :thinking:


Well I use this all the time I have no flickering near fires,try these let me know if it the same.There are various combinations SMAA 2TX so as I suggested in post try some.
r_AntialiasingMode =3
r_AntialiasingTAAPattern =2


Anyway to get good antialising without blur while moving? smaa1x is not enough and 2tx causes that horrible blur. Why there is no smaa2x option? What is difference between r_sharpening and r_AntialiasingTAASharpening?


r_AntialiasingTAASharpening` Controls the sharpening filter to help retain sharpness. This is useful when temporal antialiasing introduces blur to a scene during motion.

Default value: 0.2

r_Sharpening = 0
Image sharpening amount

Default value: 0

They both can sharpen whole image if values are high enough.

Well I listed a bunch of combos you can do,try SMAA2TxSS(Temporal AA with Subsampliing) .This game has more AA settings than almost any other game,all I can say is try them out .I can not tell you what is best that’s for your mind to decide.

EDIT:I thought you can also use a reshade shader for different sharpening if you want to try it.

Download:50 On The Fly Reshade For Any Game


I added 19 AA modes to a mod, if ya wanna see if there are differences.