So about the Beta


At first glance, my topic might seem a bit silly, but I am really looking for some general tips, or better: do’s and don’t s, for when it comes to playing the Beta.

To elaborate, I now have started 7 new playthroughs, but I simply never have been able to finish at least the main story of the Beta due to the (game breaking) bugs. As for most of the game breaking bugs the advice is to delete the save games and start over, the first thing that comes to mind is: " Should I simply not save/load the game and do all in one go?"
For the record, by gamebreaking I mean for example crash to desktop when opening any container, NPS’s not responding anymore at all, etc. Things like a broken side quest or NPC’s not attacking me but running away most of the time I can look past for that matter :wink:

So far I really like the concept of the game; the atmosphere is amazing and the amount of detail… stunning! So I hope any beta veteran can give me some advice and I realy look forward to the full release!

Thx, G4rr3tt!


@Blacksmith, probably nobody knows the Beta better than you. Do you have any ideas?


It will really help, but it will be hard. And crashes anyway possible. 2-3 saves enough to complete the main quest.

And set this to minimum.


For a new start the best thing is:
Go into installation folder of KCD, and rename the

user_kingdomcome folder to user_kindomcome_XX

After this start KCD.
(a new folder will be created)
This resets nearly everything to default.
Now change only a minimum of the options.
Start a new game.

Try not to save. :slight_smile:
There will be two autosave,… first when you discover PRIBYSLAVITZ und second before the Battle.

Have fun!!! :wink:

(I have started more than once… :smile:)


Avoid following or intruding into private spaces to interrupt internal/sleeping/feeding routines. Waiting a few moments (you can skip a few hours using ‘t’ to wait even if you are not near an available bed) reduces the frequency of important characters becoming non responsive. (You will also see more of the non-stressed dialogues or routines than if you ‘rush’ everyone, and will commit fewer crimes).

Avoiding crimes in general reduces the number of interruptions in interactions - entering homes, stealing, running into people (or standing in the circulation routes), not carrying a weapon inside towns (deselect in the inventory at night) or walking in town without a light after dark (select in inventory at night) are all things which feed into the crime system, and can interfere with some activities (including multiple simultaneous arrests and murder for non-response).

If you cannot speak to one of the quest givers prior to finding Pribslavitz, then these quest segments are concluded by that discovery. Only subsequently talking to Robard can be a game breaker, and one of the options for reinforcements (5 iirc) causes a problem too.

It is possible to complete the main quests inside an hour quite comfortably once you know the general flow, and without excessive side activities or exploration two or three hours is sufficient (especially if the herbalist to the NE of the woodcutter is used instead of the one near Samopesh). I tend to do much more than this, as I like to obtain all dialogues as I go to increase speech skill as much as possible and to walk/trot more than run or sprint/gallop everywhere.