So-called Necro Post


This post is not directed to the DEVS or Moderators but at whiny little kids who think they can dictate what I or others decide to comment on. Im real tired of people giving me and others shit about commenting on a post that may be old. As far as Im concerned their isnt such thing as a dead or necro post. As more relevant info comes to light a person can add to what is basically a compendium of knowledge.

Sometimes the right answer isnt available until later. Sometimes I just feel like putting my two cents into the mix. Im not going to start a whole new post on the same topic just to please people who dont like it when I post on things they consider dead.

Im not here to please you. I dont care what you think. Your not my momma nor my daddy so if I want to comment on a post that is 100 years old Im gonna do it. The only way to stop me is either remove my commenting privileges or lock the post.

Furthermore why do you care so much what others comment? What gives you the right to tell me I cant comment on whatever I want regardless of what the age is. Your not the comment police nor are you the moderators of this forum.

If your so against it. THAN DONT COMMENT ON “OLD POST” All it does is make you a hypocrite and nothing gives you the right to tell me or others what they can or cant do. So if you dont like it simply ignore it. Really it thats simple. Got a problem with it? WHO CARES!!!


Issues noted in case anyone missed them. Lol


Try your best not to take it personally, Trolls like to take a piss. Its best to just ignore such people usually the only pleasure they have in life is making you upset. So rejoice that they are more miserable then they make you with their shit posts.

If you feel you are being targeted or harassed you can report the post or user in question.

We have always made jokes about necro threads here. In fact the image below I made specifically for threads I myself would necro.

Don’t let them get to you take pride in your Knowledge of the dark arts.


I wish more users would post in existing threads, instead of starting new ones on subjects that already have threads.