So no blacksmithing


For those who dont know there will be no blacksmithing in the game.
What I want to know is will you guys add it later?
I know you guys are focused on release, but surely you’ve talked about it.


so we can’t upgrade our weapons? the only way to get a better weapon/shield/armor is to buy them?


I’m sure that we have s vídeo about this topic. The devs said blacksmithing is not going to happen because they where not happy with the current state of the mechanic inside the game, but you still have some maintenance mini-games for your equipamment. You can get a rusty sword for exemple and use some tools to sharp it or whatever.


I’m sure you can still buy better weapons and armor.

There never was going to be a expansive crafting system.
And like @bernardi said, you can still maintain and fix your armor and sharpen your weapon.


Wait, what? I am nearly certain a deep crafting system was one of the significant points covered in one of the trailers, talking about how instead of doing it through menus, you would craft via mini-games. Did I make all that up in my mind?


I believe there might have been a small crafting system, with the blacksmithing feature. But nothing skyrim like, think mini games to fix stuff. But since blacksmithing hasn’t made it in, it doesnt matter anymore. So now the mini games are left.

I guess it would make sense. Other wise the player would have to spend alot of time at the forge.

Hopefully its in KCD2


Or in a DLC. I would happily pay for a comprehensive crafting system.


I would really like if that did not happen. I absolutely despise games that make you pay for things that should already be in the base game. A perfect example would be the Total War series by Sega and Creative Assembly. They force you to buy blood and gore as part of a DLC which should just naturally be part of the game.


I don’t think it is the same thing at all. CA and SEGA develop assets that they purposely cut from the end game so that you have to pay more to access the full game (Look at the ROME II debacle). I stopped buying Total War games because of it (even though I was one of their first costumers).

Blacksmithing, they couldn’t develop it in time. If they release an expansion that contains it, I would support it if the system is good.


Or an update or free dlc?


For sure that would be a update or free DLC.


So, if you point me a RPG game with expensive crafting I will go buy that game


And thank God for that. Absurdly bloated crafting hurt Witcher 3 a lot.

Expansive crafting in general is na abomination that creeped in RPGs quite recently and ruined balance left and right. Keep that shit in Minecraft.


miniacrafts crafting is clicking based like in all other games, you click several times lmb and crafting is done.


I would rather wait more for the game and get the blacksìmithing mechanic.


I know this is way late after this post was made, but the reason total war made blood and gore a CHEAP dlc was to keep it at a teen rating on release.


So release it as a free DLC then. The idea that such cash grabbing is acceptable simply because of the ratings system is quite loathsome.


The thing is, it was already a feature that was mentioned as part of the promotion to garner investors early on in the game’s development, so it’s not like it would be an extra feature, but rather a fulfillment of what was already said. I’m not trying tot trash the devs - on the contrary, I appreciate what they have done and I look forward to their future work. Still, it would be nice.


So you’re telling me as a blacksmiths boy I can’t even have the chance at making a new weapon, but yet I can create potions? What lol. They need to add that feature in, they don’t need to make it extensive I just want the bugs cleared up then they can work on adding new things in, but come on lol.