[Solved] Does save lost after uninstall? How find saved folder?


I would uninstall game because is take a lot of space in my SSD.
But i wont lose all progression.
So if uninstallation remove save, there are an option to counter that?

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Hi @WilliamAll
Yes. Goto C:\Users\“Your Username”\Saved Games\kingdomcome and Backup the Content.
now you can uninstall the game.

Hi thank for reply,
Do you mean i save this files in picture?(logbackups)
Or using backup steam program, but is heavy(60GO)

I want to be sure to not re doing all the game. ^^

Nope. This Location:

Ah yeah that it !
I was suspected that i was in wrong folder and looking for “save” folder in user, but i’am just not used with french name x).

Anyway, Thank a lot :slight_smile: .

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